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For Parents and Teachers

As I have experienced working in various pediatric settings, I realized a huge need for parent and teacher support. I am someone who can listen to your concerns, give some guidance and provide practical activities to help your child thrive.

You would benefit from my services if:

  • You want to know more about what OT is 

  • You want to know if your child could benefit from OT

  • You want to learn more about sensory processing

  • You want to know developmentally appropriate activities to do with your child

  • You want OT strategies and activities to try at home as you may be on a waitlist or were denied therapy services


I can provide information regarding ideas to support school skills such as following a routine, transitioning, using scissors, coloring, and writing.



I can provide information regarding ideas support self care skills such as dressing, self-feeding, grooming/hygiene, playing with toys, and toileting. 


fine motor

I can provide education regarding motor development and activities to promote fine motor skills at home. 


sensory processing

I can provide education regarding the sensory systems, how to address your child's sensory needs as well as recommend different sensory activities to practice at home.  

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